In any given year, approximately one out of ten people will become clinically depressed. One out of every four people will experience a clinical depression during their lifetime. When depressed, people may experience a lack of interest and pleasure in daily activities, significant weight loss or gain, insomnia or excessive sleeping, lack of energy, inability to concentrate, feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide. Fortunately, depression is treatable. (Most people notice significant improvement within three months). To schedule an appointment, use online booking or call our office.

Depression Q & A

Am I depressed?

We all have times when we feel down, uninspired, or sad. We may notice changes in our sleep or appetite. 

How do I know if I am sad or clinically depressed?  

If any of the following symptoms last for two weeks or longer, call Dr. Levy. If you have recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, call the National Suicide Hotline (1-800-235-8677), 911, or Dr. Levy immediately. 

Depressed people can’t just “get over it.” People often mistake depression for laziness, lack of willpower, or an overreaction to an event. Depression is a serious and complex illness that requires professional treatment.

If you or a loved one is depressed, call our office and arrange for a consultation. Let Dr. Levy show how she can help you.

Does depression affect children?

CDC estimates show that 3% of children under 13 years of age, and almost 10% of adolescents have been diagnosed with depression. These percentages reflect the number of children receiving treatment. Many more may go undiagnosed. Seventy-five percent of depressed children aged 3-17 also suffer anxiety.

As a skilled family therapist, Dr. Levy deeply understands the impact of depression on the long-term mental, physical, and social health of children. She works closely with individuals and families, providing the compassionate guidance and therapy they need to help their children heal from depression.

How is depression treated?

Depression is a multifaceted problem that requires more than a one-size-fits-all treatment approach. Dr. Levy conducts a thorough evaluation and will discuss with you your treatment options. Evaluations may include psychological or other testing along with a clinical interview.

If you or your child is depressed, call Dr. Levy or schedule an appointment online.

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