When it comes to stressful life events, divorce can be one of the most traumatic, demanding changes in virtually every aspect of your life. Dr. Rachel Katherine Levy offers compassionate divorce counseling for individuals, couples, and children as they transition into their new life, helping them learn to cope with emotional challenges, define new plans, and negotiate their new lifestyle. When you need support navigating the journey of divorce, schedule an appointment online or call one of the offices located on the Upper East Side of New York City and in Bronxville, New York.

Divorce Q & A

What should I know about divorce counseling?

From the moment you or your partner suggest it’s time to end your marriage, you start down a path of fluctuating and intense emotions. Then you’ll need to make critical life decisions at a time when an emotional crisis hijacks your ability to think clearly and makes it hard to decide how to get on with the rest of your life.

Before and after your divorce, counseling can provide the touchstone you need to sort through all the issues you face. Your counseling sessions offer a safe place to explore your pain and fears, to navigate decisions, and to begin developing plans and goals for the future. 

What happens during divorce counseling?

Divorce counseling may begin by exploring if you really want or need a divorce, which potentially opens the door to reconciliation. For most couples, however, divorce counseling focuses on helping partners communicate and interact peacefully, honestly, and with the intention of separating their lives as amicably as possible.

During divorce counseling, Dr. Levy helps you develop healthy coping strategies for dealing with your own emotions and behaviors. She also provides support and teaches the skills you need to manage difficult behaviors and attitudes from your spouse, children, or family.

One of the primary issues contributing to divorce is the way couples relate with one another. Problems that undermined the marriage — criticism, lack of respect or empathy, and avoiding talking about problems — tend to become worse during a divorce. Dr. Levy works with you to identify and moderate these concerns.

Many patients choose to continue therapy after their divorce, as they face the impact of the changes in their life. With personalized counseling, you can regain your self-confidence, define your life outside of marriage, and create a plan for building the next chapter of your life.

How are children supported during divorce counseling?

When you have children, it’s essential to keep your divorce as healthy and civil as possible, keeping children out of the middle of arguments and minimizing their emotional trauma. Dr. Levy specializes in working with both parents so they can calmly address divorce-related parenting issues and care for their children while negotiating the divorce and rebuilding their own lives.

Following a divorce, children are at a higher risk of problems in school, conduct disorders, and depression. Divorce counseling lowers their risk of long-term mental and behavioral health issues. During counseling, children have a chance to safely express their feelings, learn ways to manage their emotions and receive guidance for talking with their parents. 

Whether you have just started thinking about a divorce, or you’re in the middle of the challenge, you’ll receive exceptional divorce counseling from Dr. Rachel Katherine Levy. To schedule an appointment, call one of the offices or use the online booking feature.

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