Rachel Katherine Levy, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist located in Bronxville, NY & Upper East Side, New York, NY

A consultation is a session that typically lasts 70-90 minutes and is used in two different situations.  The first is consultation prior to treatment.  The second is as consultation for a second opinion, a specific question, or to provide guidance, supervision or support to health-care providers or those in training.

A consultation prior to treatment is the initial meeting between client and provider in which client discusses concerns, difficulties and desires.  The provider listen carefully and asks question to further understand. At the conclusion, the provider makes an explains treatment recommendations.  The consultation is an apportunity for the client to ask any questions they may have, get a feel for the provider, and decide whether the provider is a good fit.

 A consultation for second-opinions is an opportunity to get a professional second-opinion on a diagnosis or treatment plan.   A consultation for caregivers involves the discussion of current concerns and the offereiong of particular skills or insights that will enhance their work with an identified group or individual.